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Lineup 2019

Lacey’s Hill Distilling a boutique distillery locatied 40km north of Brisbane near Dayboro. They are small, local and intend to stay that way! Each and every bottle is hand crafted using base spirit produced entirely on side, which means they have complete control over the quality and flavour profile of the spirit. They showcase local ingredients and this attention ensures a world class product! Laceys Hill Distilling Co. is now the house Gin & Vodka at Newstead Brewing Co. Milton! Products include Moreton Sunrise – Botanical Gin, Lemon Myrtle Dry Gin, Dry Australian Gin, Neutral Australian Vodka.

Wishbone Gin

One of the outstanding products to come out of the Fonzie Abbottbusiness, Wishbone Gin is so local to Jacaranda Gin Festival, you could throw a stone and almost hit it! Based in Albion in 2010 the founder of Fonzie Abbott created a business that defines some of his fav things in life. A lifelong lover of coffee, he brews batches of coffee he wants to drink every day. The roaster paved the way for a brewery and then a distillery, turning the Fonzie Abbott group at Fox Street, Albion into a one-stop libation shop. 

Wishbone Gin is Double distilled and unfiltered for a fresh, balanced flavour with a delicate finish. It was awarded a silver medal at the 2019 Tasting Australia Spirit awards along with the Wishbone Vodka! Their pale ale won bronze at the Royal QLD Food and Wine Show. 

Wishbone Gin derives its flavour from a combination of orange, grapefruit and kaffir lime juices and spicier botanicals like juniper, coriander seed, cardamom and cassia bark.

Finesse Spirits – Finesse Dry Gin

Brisbane’s James Mylne Founder has been a Distiller for over 10 Years. He started his professional distilling career in Taiwan, making western drinks like Vodka and Gin, in the mountains on the outskirts of Taipei called “Cloud Mountain.” He won his first Silver Medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition after just 3 months of distilling professionally and his First Double Gold 2 years later. That Double Gold was the First Double Gold Medal awarded to a Taiwanese Gin in the History of that Nation. He decided to return to his hometown of Brisbane to start his own Distillery. Since opening mid-2018 he has won many awards, including being nominated for Best Distiller at the 2019 Tasting Australia Spirit Competition in Adelaide. He is also the first producer of Chinese Baijiu to win a gold medal in the History of Australia. James has a passion for making high quality locally made craft spirits, and with the continued help of the local community, he plans on adding awards and stories to his list of achievements. When you drink a Finesse Spirit you are a part of James’s story as you are now drinking with Finesse!

Products include Finesse Vodka, Finesse Dry Gin(Finesse Gin is make the traditional way, which means steeping 12 carefully selected botanicals in pure Australian grain alcohol for no less than 20 hours. The solid botanicals are then separated and the liquid is then distilled, being careful to take only the heart and most flavoursome part of the distillate.

Winston Quinn Gin

Go Brisbane! Our list of boutique distillers is growing at the very fast rate! Newcomers Winston Quinn Gin is a small batch distillery foundered by Ryan and Megan Sanders. 

Winston Quinn has finished their recipe development and test batches of the first four gins. Tailor Made Gin with a cut to suit every gin lovers palate. Drawing on a vast range of botanicals and fresh produce, they have painstakingly created deliciously aromatic, all naturally coloured and uniquely balanced gins. We can’t wait to taste them!

Meet the Gin lineup: Dry Cut, Skinny Jeans, Pink Fit & Slim Crop.

Long-rays Australian Native Tonic Water – Pair it with Ink Gin!

Sourced and gathered from here, for here. This premium product is a natural light tonic water made with natural botanical extracts, no artificial flavours or preservatives. Botanicals including Lemon Myrtle from QLD and Tasmanian Mountain Pepper have gone into developing this tonic with a soda after taste. No sweet after taste, so it is lighter in calories than the usual and easier to drink. 

This premium tonic has been lovingly crafted to enhance and capture the essence of gathering together to enjoy good company under the long rays of the afternoon light. stocked in Black Sheep Bottle Shop.

Ink Gin- Husk Plantation Distillery - New South WalesColour from Nature, Small Batch, Floral Infused Australian GinDistiller Paul Messenger began experimenting with the curious colour changing properties of an exotic flowering legume from Thailand known as the Butterfly Pea (Clitoria ternatea). After assessing a wide range of botanicals, including native Australian bush tucker, he settled on a balanced recipe of 12 botanicals in perfect harmony with the flower. The unique butterfly pea petals are pH sensitive, changing colour from their natural indigo to pink when mixed with tonic water, lemon or lime juice.

Fossey’s Gin

How lucky are Mildura to have this incredible Master Ginventor! This family business has a rich history in the area with well known John Fossey aka Foss creating something that is still an icon of Mildura even today! Timmis Speedway! Foss farmed a property in Mourquong growing fresh fruit which is still producing today, this is where Fossey’s Original Gin Elixir bergamot oranges and tangelo’s are grown. 

Fossey’s have lived by principles and ideologies that have been passed down through generations and become known as Fosseylosophies which we have based our Fossey’s Gin business principles on.

Bite off more than you can chew then chew like crazy.

Why did they create Fossey’s gin? Why not. It encompasses everything they want to represent.
First class second to none products. Creative interpretation of, well, everything. Good fun, good times, good friends, good drink. Big ideas in a small space with a deadline of yesterday.
And family.

A lasting legacy for Izzy May and Zeb Fossey (5th generation Mildura-ians and already proving to have inherited the true Fossey spirit) Ginventor has “fossmerized” (yes, this is a thing) Wife, Daughter and Ginventor Jnr into doing what they do best to create and bring to Mildura something never done before. Fossey’s Gin.

Products include Fossey’s Original Gin Elixir, Broken Heel Gin, Kaffir Leaf Gin Elixir, Rose Petal Gin, Pepperberry Gin Elixir, Gin Elixir Ginfused with Christmas Pud, Gin Elixir Ginfused with Desert Lime, Navel Strength Gin Elixir, White Frontignac Gin Elixir, Gin Toddy, Old Man Salt Gin, Hot Cross Bun Gin, Shiraz Grape Gin Elixir.

Never Never Distilling the story three clever boys, focused on creating Australia’s most exciting and innovative spirit brand. It is the culmination of their separate journeys, three paths walked that have managed to intertwine in the outer suburbs of Adelaide.

It is here where they can create, innovate and excite with their truly unique take on the Australian spirit category. The Never Never harnesses the Australian spirit of adventure, the journey into the unknown. It celebrates the star chasers and the wonder seekers, those who are never content to accept the status quo and who always search for more.  To be successful in creating Australia’s most exciting spirits you must be fearless and it is this fearless spirit that drives Never Never in everything they do, and everything they create. That’s why they put it on every bottle, to remind them of what they always need to remember.

The three guys want to excite gin lovers with flavour and be honest with who they are. Knowing they must be courageous in their collective desire to be unique, not because being different is better, but because it’s an adventure worth taking.

Products include – Triple Juniper Gin, Southern Strength Gin, Juniper Freak Gin 2018, Dark Series Juniper Stomp Gin, Fancy Fruit Cup, Dark Series Stockholm Syndrome Australian Aquavit.

Sin-ko-nah Tonic Syrup - Australian

sin-ko-nah tonic syrup: a bittersweet mixer for the discerning drinker

Following a recipe formulated in the 1820s, the syrup is infused with cinchona bark - the natural source of quinine - imparting a uniquely bitter flavour and distinctive colour. Tonic syrup was originally concocted by officers serving in British India to ease fever and ward off malaria. Mixed with soda and gin, this highball cocktail became an icon of the colonial Empire.

sin-kō-nah tonic syrup returns this refreshing tipple to authenticity, curing thirst and enlivening cocktails - alcoholic & non-alcoholic alike.

Infused with cinchona bark, our tonic syrup is a bittersweet mixer. For a fabulous take on the classic gin and tonic, dilute sin-ko-nah tonic syrup with sparkling water, add a shot or two of gin, plenty of ice and a slice of lime. --

Lawrenny Estate is located in Tasmania’s Central Highlands, just over an hour’s picturesque drive through the Derwent Valley,  northwest of Hobart.

The history of Lawrenny Estate is as rich as its fertile Derwent Valley paddocks and adjoining pristine waters of the River Derwent.

The story of Lawrenny commenced as early as 1818, established by one of the most colourful characters in the history of Van Diemen’s Land, the colonial cattle tycoon , Lt. Edward Lord. At the time comprising of approximately 80,000 acres, Lawrenny Estate became renowned for farming premium cattle and sheep stocks as well as abundant fields of Wheat, Barley and Hops.

In 1991, the Mace Family took over the once majestic estate. Since purchasing Lawrenny, they have returned the property to its former glory of luscious gardens, fertile pastures and breading Black Angus beef cattle that are among the finest in the world.

Today, Lawrenny Estate is all about delivering to you the finest quality, premium Tasmanian produce.

Lawrenny. Uniquely Tasmanian.

Products – Van Dieman’s Gin, 1818 Settlers Gin, Highlands Gin

Pinkster Gin

When Stephen the Founder of UK based Pinkster Ginrealised raspberry delivers a pack of flavour and added it to his concoction of gin his pals encouraged him to go commercial! G&T, one of the UK’s oldest distillers, was recruited to the cause. They produce the core spirit with five botanicals to add to Pinksters original recipe which was painstakingly developed over several years. 

We then macerate with a further three botanicals, including fresh, plump raspberries grown nearby our rural base outside Cambridge, to produce the finished gin that is Pinkster.

Over the intervening years, thirst for Pinkster has grown and from humble beginnings we’re now proud to be stocked by the likes of Majestic Wine, Marks and Spencer, Harvey Nichols, and Selfridges as well as dozens of farm shops and food halls across the country.  Stephen still personally oversees the production, ensuring consistency from batch to batch of fresh fruit.

Fontayne Selections– French Gins (He is confirming which ones showing shortly)

44N Gin

We want you to feel like you have the Côte d’Azur on the tip of your
tongue every time you sip 44°N. When we set out to create 44°N we wanted to capture the luminous depth of the sea and the windswept aromas of the Mediterranean in every drop. Named for the geographic coordinates of Grasse, 44°N’s tasting notes read like a who’s who of local botanicals set to the full-spectrum dreamscape of the South of France.

La Grappe De Montpellier Gin 

Free and untamed. 

An alcohol from grape marc combined with notes from a bouquet of Mediterranean plants, this gin mixes the best from both worlds.

Ergaster Gin 

Wild and Liberated. 

A warm and pure gin with a powerful attack of cumin and coriander, rounded by sweetness to free you from your worldly shackles